Dr Hozefa Ebrahim

Dr Hozefa Ebrahim FRCA FFICM MSoM has been facilitating medical mediations for many years. He is a member of the Society of Mediators, London.

Litigation costs the NHS about £4 billion a year. The majority of this money does not reach the claimant, but is absorbed in legal costs.

Litigation through the courts is often binary, with a "winner and loser" outcome. Mediation is a more adaptable process tailored to a scenario, where all those involved or "parties" are comfortable with the outcome. There are no losers in mediation, because everyone contributes to the outcome. It is far more cost-effective than being dragged through the courtroom.

Whether you are an NHS trust, other health organisation, health professional or patient/relative, and would like to learn more about the mediation process, please contact Dr Ebrahim's office at info@saifcare.uk